on 24th June, 2017, Tinkerer of Words turned 3. RUNDOWN The last year, for the blog, hasn’t been too exciting. Although, it’s been pretty much the opposite in terms of my non-blog life. I moved to the UK last September for Uni and that meant I’ve been a terrible blogger. terrible is totally an understatement. I’ve


So, hey. Me, again. As usual: it’s been a while. University life has a tendency to keep you either too caught up with the all em’ endless deadlines or too mentally-drained to sit down and write some words, no matter how direly inactive your blog’s been. And I know that’s such a typical excuse for basically being one heck of


everyday you put on a brave face for me. for us. but i’m choking. (can’t you see?) it’s killing me; this pretending. like you’re still just as brave? we both know that’s not true. ignorance is bliss but having to ignore is pain. and as you walk out the front door, for me, for us,


i, remember, too, the times i remembered you.  as i put water into the kettle or picked up the little broken spoon from within the sugar pot both acts, i agree, too mundane to mention, alas, these too, i’m left, alone, to do. i remember; i’ve remembered you. -rizwana

effort, does.

BREAKING: I’ve started university. (not at all BREAKING but I couldn’t think of a spicer intro) So, yep. For the last 3 months approx, I’m officially a first-year university student. yikes. In case you’re curious, I’m studying to become a Computer Scientist (whattay pompous title, i know..), at Nottingham Trent University, UK. Without further ado, this is

I’m Back.

let’s be honest: I’ve been reluctant to post on this blog.  After being away for so long, with no prior update or anything, it’s disturbingly difficult to get yourself to write a post without feeling like you’ve abandoned, perhaps even betrayed, your blog. I know I might sound like I’m exaggerating an otherwise simple situation


You’ll see me use the word creative so often.  For I look to find the ways in which to be uninterrupted, creatively uninterrupted.  I do not know what you may think of this constant need to go on and on and on about something I seem to have already bored you with enough. This must

Alevel Results: Ready. Set. Go.

Fellaaaas. How’s everyone doing? I hope ya’ll are as awesome as always? ? I’ve been (as usual) meaning to write something a lil’ chill, one of those chitchat session kinda thing..especially after all the recent poetry posts. Anyway, let’s start of with addressing just how monumental this week actually is. For anyone who’s unaware, I’m 18 years