A Perplexed Walk

A Perplexed Walk

I found myself walking towards the green, age-old gate, an addition to the innumerable times I had done the same. You know how weird it is to go back to a place that you’ve officially said farewell to, expecting never to experience the many experiences the said place has given you?

Because let me ashore you; it is the most realistic walk down your memory lane that you can ever imagine.


You can’t escape the actuality of the present interwoven with the past, psychologically being played right behind your eyes. Each step bewitches your rationality to go kaput.

And just as you step into the boundary of such a place, the magic is broken. Everything comes crashing down to just that precise moment: when you see that which you had memorized and yet find yourself memorizing it all over again.

Almost as if you’ve said farewell to your farewell.

– Toto

P.S. Relieved because holidays for like 2 weeks so posts will come more often, hopefully! 😀

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