OBJECT TALES #1 : A Wingless Flyer

I once had car, painted yellow, that distinct cab-yellow. It was a SUV, about the size of an average human palm with tiny little details of doors, windows and lights marked on. It even had perfectly shaped side mirrors. I could steer it with my hand and like every other trusty toy car owned by a kid, the wheels drove it into a smooth drive. The car was perfect, well almost perfect.

You see, it had one shortcoming: It couldn’t fly and I was going to change that.  

IMG_1745 - Copy

Determined to make it fly, I had a duty to my yellow car that needed urgent achievement, no matter the cost. I got together the materials for its flight: a balloon, thread and something to stick it all together, glue or duct tape.  For such massive change in the lifestyle of a car, care had to be taken and so newspapers were called in for help. Spread on the carpet floor of my messy bedroom was a horde of newspapers, important for hygienic purposes in this serious operation.  I was probably 7 or 8 years old yet a 100 percent certain that my little car would reach for the sky.

I cannot remember how long I spent on that newspaper-mat, meddling with my scarce materials. Inflating the only balloon I had, attaching it to the roof of the SUV with sewing thread and duct tape. I remember holding the car in between my enclosed hands like a weak bird in its nest, too scared to fly. I remember the time I let go, encouraging it to discover its own wings and soar high like it didn’t need anyone to tell it what to do! I remember expecting it to rise in front of my very eyes.

IMG_1744 - Copy

But then again I also remember the weight, the fall and the eventual “THUD!” like a bird too tired to fly. I thought I had it all planned out. I knew it was simple but I didn’t know it was impossible.

My dream had fallen before it could even fly and that’s okay because you know why?


It could always be pushed into a smooth drive and sometimes that’s all you ever need.



Introducing “OBJECT TALES”!

Today’s the day that I’m proud to announce a brand new series named “OBJECT TALES” coming on board Tinkerer of Words!

object tales

Every object’s got a story, an attachment of our memory or an experience forever saved within it. “OBJECT TALES” tries to jump into discovering these special moments stuck to random things around us.

Come along to see objects not for what they are but for the tales they live with.



Update 1.0

Hi readers and humans (because no discrimination, I welcome readership from alien lands too..) Just wanted to quickly update you regarding the posting schedule.

Both my previous posts (http://wp.me/p4Lefj-u  and http://wp.me/p4Lefj-G) were posted on either a Wednesday or Thursday so based on this I’ll follow the same schedule for a Wednesday/Thursday posting time.

That’s all for now..I hope you’ll come visit next week!

So long fellas!


The Bumper Stickers of Certification


I suppose we humans have a weird converter fitted in our brains that works unpredictably. A converter that can do wonders OR just grind your gears like a worn out machine that refuses to die. The converter that converts mere electrical impulses, running faster than the Flash, to human understandable tiny, magical shapes we call “words”.

That to me is what any sort of writing, or even creativity in its entireness, is all about. Simply getting your converter to do its job as beautifully as possible.

Conversion is what matters

After all we’re all bubbling with genius things within our brains yet only a few can get the world to witness it with them.

This is where inspiration comes in. You see, inspiration is like a gym trainer that gets this shabby converter into shape and in doing so leaves its imprint, certifying it ready for conversion.

And perhaps when you access your converter and look deeply enough, you might just spot the bumper sticker(s) of certification stuck to the foundations as well as an open entrance to a gym, forever in service for when you need it.


Perfectionist: To be, or not to be, that is the question.


Something I’ve noticed since a long time now is the mindset associated with the word “perfectionist”. Now, I might be wrong but I feel as though the slightest thought for desiring perfection falls under the list of “negative emotions” which people far often end up criticizing. Not only that, but this typical criticism is perhaps the greatest reason why we blindly shun anything that has got to do with achieving perfection.

Yes I know what you’re thinking: Nobody is, can or ever be perfect and I absolutely agree with that age old, wise saying. Yet in cementing our brains into believing so, we’re unconsciously cutting the path to progress because we ignore one wonderful route of betterment which I think IS the feeling of “wanting to achieve perfection”. Let’s face it, there are numerous occasions in life where we wish to reach a goal and more often than sometimes we adhere to merely wishing.

The drive for accomplishment just never arrives while a perfectionist is never short of one; this is the differentiating factor.

In reality, perfection isn’t as simple as it seems. It has such an immense magnitude of underlying, fierce emotions, emotions that vary person to person. Usually we strive for perfection because of bitterness towards something, or in a manner to prove our superiority in the face of competition and this exact reason is why “perfection” has come to be considered somewhat negatively. Alas if we could channel this fierceness in a more self benefiting way, under the light of positivity, perhaps then we could learn to use it to our advantage.

I think I’ve always been somewhat of a perfectionist and the one thing I can tell you for certain is: it ain’t easy. You have to first absorb this “drive”, wrestle with the ferocity, be ready to have it knocking in your brain for however long, and then only can it be converted into betterment for any work it is you wish to be done perfectly. Many times just the desire to have something absolutely perfect is what allowed me to “break the box of norm” and think beyond the obvious.

The only logical conclusion I end up at, is: Perfection mastered perfectly can definitely be maddening but that doesn’t make it any less beautiful.