So, hey. Me, again. As usual: it’s been a while. University life has a tendency to keep you either too caught up with the all em’ endless deadlines or too mentally-drained to sit down and write some words, no matter how direly inactive your blog’s been. And I know that’s such a typical excuse for basically being one heck of


everyday you put on a brave face for me. for us. but i’m choking. (can’t you see?) it’s killing me; this pretending. like you’re still just as brave? we both know that’s not true. ignorance is bliss but having to ignore is pain. and as you walk out the front door, for me, for us,


i, remember, too, the times i remembered you.  as i put water into the kettle or picked up the little broken spoon from within the sugar pot both acts, i agree, too mundane to mention, alas, these too, i’m left, alone, to do. i remember; i’ve remembered you. -rizwana


IS it ok to wonder about the days we spent planning for the days ahead like alright, it was wrong to think you can plan  EVERYTHING   perhaps people & priorities don’t go as well as I’d thought. & that’s somehow supposed to be FINE? -Rizwana


how lone is long-gone fame? for you said you were popular years after being popular was no longer popular. it’s alright though, you accept now, inner peace, perhaps, would have been a better substitute. I mean,  how lone was long-gone fame? and how much lacking, still. -Rizwana (photos from Tumblr)


everywhere you go, won’t be what is no longer and yet every time you try to find that lost home, never will  something, feel dearer.  For what ensues  the ache is worth everything. -Toto

In your debt.

Wrote this a while back, as gratitude for a teacher who helped in more ways than her job required. 🙂 The first poem I wrote in English Class encouraged me to be a less horrible poet. So I wrote to impress you  but who knew you taught to help us. Not through those ‘frame sentences’ I loathed but