inspired by the grand nature of horses & the word: “gallop” oh yes, horse riding’s on my bucket list. 🙂 I had a way of hearing only the galloping, even when the canons were blasted. “must keep going”, the thud of my horse’s hooves had to silence the boom after boom; sounds marking the unwanted delivery of their gifts for us, called

Knight’s Tale.

We’re battered and scorched, clinking armour gone stiff. When the people were torched, we found our wounds be lit. Perhaps just this time, the sun was meant to rise, from within. And maybe that’s okay; the light can no longer be hid. -Toto

Spoken Word (attempted): “UNCHECKED”

I’ve been obsessed with “spoken word poetry” lately. I mean, how can you avoid such beautifully constructed words, mellifluously delivered! The end result of watching a gazillion of talented spoken poets’ videos meant I had to attempt writing a poem myself. Weird huh? Yeah, I know. Anyways, I did end up fulfilling this attempt and I think