“IG’S: JUST SOME LIFE THING”, PART IV (Thanks for that, you exams!)

THE LAST PART BEFORE THE RESULTS ARE IN.  I AM STOKED.    August 12th, 2014: The day that seemed millenniums away. Also the day that is tomorrow. Its weird how almost unrealistically episodic our lives can be. The things pinned so far away in the reel of your moments, seem so small and blurred and


ORIGINALLY WRITTEN ON MAY 22, 2014, 3 DAYS AFTER THE EXAMS HAD ENDED.   Here it is. I can NOT believe I’m done writing this, can’t even remember how impatient I was to have this written. I so much appreciate anyone who is reading and I hope you don’t want to punch your screen once you’re

“IG’s: just some life thing”, Part I (The Prologue)

ORIGINALLY WRITTEN ON MAY 4, 2014, 2 DAYS BEFORE EXAMS.   The first rant to all things education.  I don’t even know why you would want to read this except if you’re the most awesome human on Planet Earth. I assure you, I will not refund you the minutes (Not like you’ve got anything better to

“IG’s: just some life thing”, starting Friday the 8th!

INTRODUCING “IG’s: just some life thing“! As you may or may not know, some months ago I was busy with the grandest exams I’ve ever had the unfortunate fate of experiencing, a.k.a THE IGCSE (or The International General Certificate of Secondary Education). “IG’s: just some life thing” is the uncensored truth from the eyes of

Introducing “OBJECT TALES”!

Today’s the day that I’m proud to announce a brand new series named “OBJECT TALES” coming on board Tinkerer of Words! Every object’s got a story, an attachment of our memory or an experience forever saved within it. “OBJECT TALES” tries to jump into discovering these special moments stuck to random things around us. Come along to