Tuggets 0002: “COMMITMENT”

{ Incase you don’t know what TUGGETS are: here’s your guide } I’ve been proper slouchy these days which is why posting anything, on this lovely internet nest of mine, seemed so intimidating. Creativity has been seriously trolling on me, I tell you. Also, load shedding is real bummer. Anyways, I finally did manage to not be a complete


  { Incase you don’t know what TUGGETS are: here’s your guide } Just something I wrote on impulse, sleepy eyed. Self-designed on Photoshop. Also, I’m no illustration expert but this series will hopefully improve, in terms of design and writing, as I go along. Any tips are more than welcome. 🙂 – Toto P.S. I know I’m late, couldn’t

Announcing “Toto’s Nuggets”, A.K.A TUGGETS!

Here come the TUGGETS! Derived from “Toto’s Nuggets”. “Writing” meets “Illustration”. Ever since this blog came into existence, it has encouraged me to not only write but to test my art abilities. I have fortunately been a tad above horrendous with drawing, illustrating and sketching. Around approximately a year ago I plunged into trying out