Foray into the New

So that’s a video I filmed for the first chapter in my new series: “OBJECT TALES” ( Seeing the end product made me totally go “Whaa?!”

No, not for how stupid or lame it ended up (was fortunately watchable!) but just the stark realization that I had actually gotten up, filmed a moving car numerous times, edited the less-than-20-seconds footage that took ages to film properly then hunted the right music and finally after almost a day later achieved in making something that, though is pretty ordinary and probably something easily forgettable, I’m extremely proud of.

It’s quite intimidating to try new things and this blog itself is a prime example of it.

This blog was my first head on collision with intimidation challenging my passion.

But one thing I’ve just noticed is that diving headfirst into new things is somewhat of a chain reaction. In the way that if you start and bravely achieve one thing that previously seemed impossible, instantly you’ll move a level higher and before you know it you’ll be diving headfirst into another intimidating thing, with this increasing momentum, awaiting achievement. The longer you try to climb higher, level by level, the more faster the momentum.

A good chunk of the reason for being able to continue doing new things is the courage you find yourself filled up with after that very first achievement.

Just the initial, first jump to a higher level makes you an adventurer, maybe even a reckless adventurer who’s merely thirsty for intimidating things.

But that’s what Courage is all about; keeping the thirst alive.


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