“IG’s: just some life thing”, Part I (The Prologue)

“IG’s: just some life thing”, Part I (The Prologue)


The first rant to all things education. 

I don’t even know why you would want to read this except if you’re the most awesome human on Planet Earth. I assure you, I will not refund you the minutes (Not like you’ve got anything better to do anyways) spent reading this, so proceed with caution. This is just the beginning of innumerable things I still want to write (you ain’t seen the last of me!), hopefully my summer writing plans will see the light of day! So I’d genuinely appreciate you humans reading. You reader, seriously deserve an ice cream. Okay I’ll stop with the intro now. Enjoy.

You know those moments, where the sheer gigantic nature of the matter, leaves you dumbfounded? It isn’t certainly the lack of things to feel but rather the opposite.

Now, it gets even wackier when you know your brain has exclusively drilled the importance of a particular thing ages ago, with constant reminders fired at you like tennis balls in that tennis-ball-shooting-monster-machine. Being hit by tennis balls for a big chunk of time, shouldn’t it be in your second nature to get a racket? It should, yet you don’t.

IG’s are no different than those tennis-ball-shooting-monster-machines; expect it just doesn’t look like they will stop. In fact this entire phase of our education system, i.e. “o level”, feels like getting hit by a gazillion tennis balls one after the other. Only, shielding is tiring.

Honestly, it’s hard to know how I feel about IG’s, just isn’t possible to be put into words. They make their massiveness felt, for sure, and just nicely awaken your dazed sate of “umm whaaaa?”, leaving you waiting for the inevitable ordeal.

If you’re wondering why any sane (much less insane) human would even imagine to write about a bunch of exams, well then let’s just say these are the big bad exams, the nasty ones that will huff and puff and blow us away, that too soon. Yep, it’s going to be time to face that drilled appointment in about a day.

I’m reminded of the time where you’re sitting outside the dentist’s room, awaiting that split second when you’ll be called, and you’re just blank yet you’re not. You’re filled with every little emotion trying to be felt. Only the walk up to the dentist’s door gets you out of your daze and then into waves of crashing adrenaline which does get you moving albeit with your brain sky rocketing faster than the speed of light. Well, at least that’s better than your previous zombie state.

I have no idea how I’ll be feeling post-exams or during them. Maybe I might read this then and marvel at how stupidly I thought IG’s were anything but a piece of cake. I sure hope I do. All I know now is: it’s time to take the plunge and pray your parachute breaks the fall.

Otherwise, start hoping you can fly.  And then perhaps maybe, just maybe, getting hit by tennis balls won’t be so bad after all. Right!?


That’s all folks! I hope you had a good time reading this piece of rant and hopefully I didn’t crush your greedy dreams of getting all those A*’s 😉 Expect another rant any time soon right after I get these IG’s over with (maybe even during them because how can rants wait that long?), so thank you for sticking to end! Also, good luck to fellow candidates, may the odds be ever in your favor.

*And finally yes, you’re allowed to leave now 🙂 * 


P.S. Those summer writing plans mentioned above? Totally meant this blog. 🙂

– Toto

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