“IG’s: just some life thing”, starting Friday the 8th!

“IG’s: just some life thing”, starting Friday the 8th!

INTRODUCING “IG’s: just some life thing“!

As you may or may not know, some months ago I was busy with the grandest exams I’ve ever had the unfortunate fate of experiencing, a.k.a THE IGCSE (or The International General Certificate of Secondary Education).

“IG’s: just some life thing” is the uncensored truth from the eyes of a witness.  

I started this series before these exams had begun (something like the start of May..) which was also a time I had no blog to blabber on like I do now. But I think this particular writing was, and definitely is, pretty close to my heart because it’s been the very first time I ventured into a bit more professional sort of writing. Something with better quality than usual.

Also, this is the very first series I’ve ever written so that makes it double special!

All in all, I’m so happy to have this blog to share it with a wider audience. 😉

Anyways in case you might be wondering why I’m posting this series all of a sudden then that’s because it’s soon going to be 12th of August; the day of the results. *yikes!*

Hence this series still needs completion which will come soon, very soon. 😉

*And oops..didn’t plan to write so much. Hehe.* 

My bad.. 🙂

Ohkaay then wonderful readers I’ll stop this from getting any longer and so THANK YOU all for visiting my little blog and I hope you’ll enjoy reading this series!

Until Friday Fellas,



P.S. Tell me if you guys like that poster thingy..Photoshop is still very “hey-I-wonder-what-this-button-does?” for me! 😛



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