So as the Spoken Word enthusiast that I am, I’ve been trying to write something for a while now. Well, not poetry (because I’ve done that a lot in the past few weeks) but just something else in general. Alas, I might have one of those writer’s block (I don’t much agree to the concept of it but yeah..).

But worry not, reader! I’m not here to go on and on, whining on this not-too-bad day, like a kid who has lost that one beloved pacifier.
Great going. writing and pacifiers, one in the same eh?

Horrible analogy, I know.

Wait, what were we talking about again?  
Aha! yes. Lack of writing and Spoken Word.

Here’s an excerpt from ever-talented Sarah Kay’s renowned TED talk: is tempting to keep writing the same poem, or keep telling the same story, over and over, once you’ve figured out that it will gain you applause. It’s not enough to just teach that you can express yourself. You have to grow and explore and take risks and challenge yourself.





What intrigued me most, is the idea of looking for new stories lurking out there, in wait for you to find them. By thinking about it like that, you can almost compare writing to say something like jelly fishing!

Hold on, is that a genuine sport, or was SpongeBob the only champion?  Update: definitely not a sport. I’m much an idiot. thank you reader, for bearing that idiocy. and thank you, spongebob for ruining my short lived life as a wanna-be writer. goodbye. 

Ahem, like I was saying, our diversity and uniqueness as human beings could not be any more clearer than when we actively go out and find those stories, make them our own and send them away for others to welcome into their lives, for sometimes a bit or other times; a lifetime. But what we also find, and this idea in general is again touched upon by Sarah Kay, are similarities to bond us together as not just people, but friends, and find compassion and respect for one another.

To experience this, and I’m sure we all have in some ways, is incredibly, incredibly phenomenal. 

I’m sure what I’m saying (writing?) is not really an original idea.

However, what I AM sure of, is that it is an idea that needs to be voiced and voiced again because to find stories is one of those things that EVERYONE can do. You don’t need to famous or rich or whatever, you only need to try.

So be patient, and eager, to soak in (you’d think I wouldn’t use a sponge analogy after ya know, the whole spongebob-embarrsement above..) whatever life has to offer and then, much like a sponge; give away all that you can.


That way, we’re all masterpieces; in making.



  • miss.mysterious

    May 30, 2015 at 8:03 am Reply

    Sponegbob! 😀
    ‘You don’t need to famous or rich or whatever, you only need to try.’ I loved this line specially!

    ‘That way, we’re all masterpieces; in making.’*o*
    OMG Toto this was was so well-formed and obviously The epitome of perfection.
    Keep writing and keep drawing. 😉
    ( and uhmm talk to me you know where :P)

    • tinkererofwords

      May 30, 2015 at 8:31 am Reply

      :$ haww. My most devoted fan and buddy. :’)
      THANK YOU! and oh God yessss. I WAS GOING TO CALL YOU YESTERDAY. But ahem, I got addicted to watching The Flash. >_<
      Not to worry. Ab khatum ho gaya hai. So I'ma talk soon. 😉 pakka.

      • miss.mysterious

        May 30, 2015 at 9:34 am Reply

        Honoured to be B)
        Welcome 😉 How is it?
        Call me tomorrow or In sha Allah I might. I have t give attention to Physics these day. 🙁

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