Introducing “OBJECT TALES”!

Today’s the day that I’m proud to announce a brand new series named “OBJECT TALES” coming on board Tinkerer of Words! Every object’s got a story, an attachment of our memory or an experience forever saved within it. “OBJECT TALES” tries to jump into discovering these special moments stuck to random things around us. Come along to

Update 1.0

Hi readers and humans (because no discrimination, I welcome readership from alien lands too..) Just wanted to quickly update you regarding the posting schedule. Both my previous posts (  and were posted on either a Wednesday or Thursday so based on this I’ll follow the same schedule for a Wednesday/Thursday posting time. That’s all for now..I hope you’ll come visit

Perfectionist: To be, or not to be, that is the question.

Something I’ve noticed since a long time now is the mindset associated with the word “perfectionist”. Now, I might be wrong but I feel as though the slightest thought for desiring perfection falls under the list of “negative emotions” which people far often end up criticizing. Not only that, but this typical criticism is perhaps

About Me

Hi there, I’m Toto (well my childhood nick, and now blogging, name is. Oh and it’s pronounced “tu-tu”, but spelled Toto; and no, no changing! ). This is my blog. Apart from practicing her couch potato skills, Toto likes to believe she can write. A Lifelong English Geek, Toto discovered the magnificent craze for reading at

About Blog

Hello and welcome to the place on the World Wide Web where I’m allowed to blabber for as long as I want! “Tinkerer of Words” is the implementation of a tiny little idea, somewhere at the back of my mind, that soared its way into reality after quite some time. ToW (yes, that’s the official