IS it ok to wonder about the days we spent planning for the days ahead like alright, it was wrong to think you can plan  EVERYTHING   perhaps people & priorities don’t go as well as I’d thought. & that’s somehow supposed to be FINE? -Rizwana


There is no comfort, no regularity in going after the spectacular again and again and again. There is always a feeling, hypnotic even, enough to making me want to strive for that spectacular something with no knowledge of what it actually is. Tiring? It can be. Like you’re always moving and walking and yes, running,


how lone is long-gone fame? for you said you were popular years after being popular was no longer popular. it’s alright though, you accept now, inner peace, perhaps, would have been a better substitute. I mean,  how lone was long-gone fame? and how much lacking, still. -Rizwana (photos from Tumblr)

On Blogging.

I’ve been trying to publicise my blog a lot more, ever since I’ve moved to this self-hosted place and there’s something I’ve noticed that I did not notice as much before..? And let me say in advance, I don’t mean to offend anybody. I’m just trying to collect my thoughts based on an observation. So it’s these ‘boxes’ that

Insignificance — A Chat.

I’ve been meaning to write about a little something that’s been (sorta) occasionally troubling me. ‘Troubling’ not as ‘its upsetting’ or anything but it’s just making me think about wanting to try something new/different. I know I’m making no sense right now and this shroud of vagueness might seem unnecessary but uh, please stay a


the momentary look of willingness to be part of a conversation often gets noticed a second after the conversation has moved farther than would be appropriate for you to participate in. -Toto photo credits