Them and Me.

I write these words, hoping to have a therapeutic transaction between us. Them and me. Them—the words—to go away, and me: to move a step closer to more steps ahead. I tell myself, “I write for myself.” Yet these steps are a never-ending stretch of fatigue and the thought of you reading this, quickens my

The quickest-of-updates Update.

Just a quick update, starting with my dearest apologies for being such an inactive blogger. I’ll keep this update short so won’t get into too many details, hence it’s going to be more spontaneous and basically me, talking to ya’ll after a pretty long time. So I’ve been busy, I know OLD excuse. But this time, as you may


everywhere you go, won’t be what is no longer and yet every time you try to find that lost home, never will  something, feel dearer.  For what ensues  the ache is worth everything. -Toto

A Grade Talk.

Hi. How you doing? Hope you’re feeling awesome. âť“ So I’ve began to write not knowing what to write, and instead depending on this teeny notion that perhaps a good ol’ blabber session would seem something like you’d be more than happy to read. Shall I presume I am right in this belief remains, yet, to be

In your debt.

Wrote this a while back, as gratitude for a teacher who helped in more ways than her job required. 🙂 The first poem I wrote in English Class encouraged me to be a less horrible poet. So I wrote to impress you  but who knew you taught to help us. Not through those ‘frame sentences’ I loathed but

Figured Out.

Better a cruel truth than a comfortable delusion. ― Edward Abbey perhaps uncertainty is not so foreign after all and we remain determined in proposing that you and I reside in a place far more orderly but look around to see the crowds, a messed-up mass of people voicing this confusion to sound all normal, like