The best of surprises are people.

When you are given a reason not to despair for they’re there to be around you, now and perhaps for how ever long forever lasts. You are known by them and together, you, all of you, are as though no other. As if the word “belong” could only be defined on that day, when you and them, defined what it meant to be inseparable. Remember how the world seemed to fit together like there was no need for you to go on any longer, not without your desires, held in your hands and then their hands, mending you, but really just mending each other.

Such palms of such content people.
Nothing could make this any better.

But who knew nothing was all you’d be left with.


The worst of surprises are people.


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  • Serpico

    January 8, 2016 at 5:12 pm Reply

    Agreed with both parts.

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