There will always be a clash of people and thoughts. To be thoughtful is to be either with an accompanying majority or minority or very occasionally the first thinker in a new branch of mindset.

In an outward way, we humans support diversity of thought. Yet we do not really support diversity, we enjoy it. By that I don’t mean enjoyment of a mind opening manner where you seek it to be more knowledgeable of the world but rather in the way of an audience, cheering and hooting in a sizzling football match.

Times today, we don’t crave knowledge anymore.
We crave to have the opposing team’s noses rubbed in the brutal face of defeat.

Be it by hook, or by crook.

Thus we have found comfort behind the word, clash. 



P.S. This was a very spontaneous ramble! Oh and 3rd post in a week…so writing spree, I guess. 🙂