I’m trying to learn to swim.
Against the waves that hit so ruthlessly.
Our seas are infested.
The disease of self-centredness has plagued our living.
It drowns those who fight it;
changes those who submit.

The waves have begun to hit.
The changed will not teach.
while the drowned can not teach.

Thus till now,

I haven’t still,

learnt to swim.

Let Not Burst.

Looming atop our heads are things so many, so different: subjective worries. The constant poke to your brain. Reminder that to battle a time of incoming trouble, you must stop your current state of peace. Willingly rid yourself of happiness so not to have it snatched away from you.

Sometimes we do not wait for things to work out, to make sense. The fear of happiness being killed has killed happiness more times than any other trouble ever could.

Realize this:
Needle in hand, pop a balloon on will.
Or have it unknowingly popped behind your back.

What’s different?
The method, sure.
Yet both reach the same conclusion:

A burst balloon.

Because, to have hope despite how ever bleak the world may seem, is perhaps one of the hardest feat to conquer.

For it might not always prevent the ballon from bursting,

but at least it will stop you from being the one to do so.



P.S. Shifted to a new city, new house. Thus a new post so late. 🙁 I will try to write more about this whole change as soon as I get internet that doesn’t most of the time vanish into thin air! 🙂


The thing about mostly anyone in the artistic field—whose entire foundation is that of crazy devotion—sees the world unseparated from the thing that keeps him going: passion.

Their state of rest is in the state of a mind that is always on alert, to see the regularities of life, come to life like no one would have ever seen before. They seek to discover places beyond even the ones, newly discovered.

So no matter how hard they’re hit with the world’s indifferent behaviour, there isn’t, nor ever can be, a switch to turn off this constant search.

For in shutting down their passion, you’d have to shut down the person.

Oh and just ever you try. 



P.S. This was just a quick and random write after a while now! There’s been a few things keeping me busy which I’m (somewhat) sure I’ll write about in the coming weeks. Adios till then 🙂

A Perplexed Walk

I found myself walking towards the green, age-old gate, an addition to the innumerable times I had done the same. You know how weird it is to go back to a place that you’ve officially said farewell to, expecting never to experience the many experiences the said place has given you?

Because let me ashore you; it is the most realistic walk down your memory lane that you can ever imagine.


You can’t escape the actuality of the present interwoven with the past, psychologically being played right behind your eyes. Each step bewitches your rationality to go kaput.

And just as you step into the boundary of such a place, the magic is broken. Everything comes crashing down to just that precise moment: when you see that which you had memorized and yet find yourself memorizing it all over again.

Almost as if you’ve said farewell to your farewell.

– Toto

P.S. Relieved because holidays for like 2 weeks so posts will come more often, hopefully! 😀