inspired by the grand nature of horses & the word: “gallop”
oh yes, horse riding’s on my bucket list. 🙂

I had a way of hearing only the galloping,
even when the canons were blasted.

must keep going
the thud of my horse’s hooves
had to silence the
boom after boom;
sounds marking
the unwanted delivery
of their gifts for us,

The only antidote of our pain,
is help for the helpless
and if not that then,
honour the pain
of the

And I had a knack
for getting to that remedy.
Until one day,
when I’d become
a part of it

 But even then,
the galloping,
could be heard.


And even then
did we,
live on.




Knight’s Tale.

We’re battered and scorched,
clinking armour gone stiff.
When the people were torched,
we found our wounds be lit.

Perhaps just this time,
the sun was meant to rise,
from within.

And maybe that’s okay;
the light can no longer be hid.



I have tried to write this since so long now. Yet no matter how hard I tried to start, nothing seemed right. Every sentence seemed to lack that little piece of satisfaction.

And no, I am not writing this (and hopefully have posted it by the time you’re reading) because I’ve managed to break through some supposed “writer’s block”, like a slave freed from the chains ready to embark on a trip full of magic and wonder.

I’m still just as hopeless. 

But I don’t want this hopelessness coming in the way of what must be put into words. Even if that means having to embark, bound to chains. So if you watch the video below, then yes, this is kind of a sad and bleak post.

Who knows? I might sound cheery by the end. Let’s begin by this video I made..excuse the shaky recording and my voice that definitely isn’t narrator-standards.. ^^’



December 2014 was when myself and my family had to shift to another city, almost a hour and half away. 67 miles to be precise. That obviously meant having to move into a new house, away from a house that was home. Now it might seem ridiculous but 67 miles seemed like a distance encompassing space that can’t be measured in any unit known to man. It’s hard to explain but home hasn’t ever seem so far.

Alas, circumstances were just as unavoidable as change was imminent.

In the course of emptying our house, I have felt memories. Not only seen past moments being played in my head but felt them sink in and jump back up like a crashing wave hitting the shore line, again and again and again.

During that time, it felt like a storm let loose and the video above was a paddle for a boat, too stubborn to leave its sea.

I suppose it’s understandable. After all, 11 years is time enough. Enough to grasp you. I also know that a home is made from the people, not the walls, but I can’t stop myself. So it might yet again sound ridiculous but the door to that house was the lock to a treasure chest within which were the fondest times that I could have ever longed for.

Like a scent that can’t be stopped, my home was childhood-scented. 11 years later, I can’t imagine a place any different.

Not even 67 miles away.


Spoken Word (attempted): “UNCHECKED”

I’ve been obsessed with “spoken word poetry” lately. I mean, how can you avoid such beautifully constructed words, mellifluously delivered! The end result of watching a gazillion of talented spoken poets’ videos meant I had to attempt writing a poem myself.

Weird huh? Yeah, I know.

Anyways, I did end up fulfilling this attempt and I think it went along pretty nicely (phew!). Although not a 100% sure if it fits the criteria for being classified as “spoken word poetry”. But no worries, trying it out was surely fun 😀 . And no, I didn’t record a performance (like it usually is done..) of my very 1st spoken word poem because well, it is my 1st. I’d still like to work and improve on this form of art for a while, before being ready for a proper performance! So I opted for just keeping it in text form for now..  ^^’

Hence, without further ado, here’s my spoken word piece titled “UNCHECKED”, typed out. 😉



“Most times we fall prey to our inability to respond with the necessity of saying what must be said.

Instead we race towards that which initiates the process of wrecking reality with the help of unjustly used eloquence.

Correct me if I’m mistaken, but wouldn’t improving what we speak rather than regret over what was spoken, be the first step on the ever present trek for betterment?

Because I see people and I see how—this world—their words, affect.

So the next time you fulfil your solemn duty, like an uninterrupted faucet, washing away the beauty from everything around you, with the harshness instructing your excuse of ‘I said everything right, I felt.’

Just remember that because you can speak, doesn’t mean you can’t hear.

And if those who were made to listen, raced towards that which initiates your mouth to taste your own bitter medicine, you’d wish you’d never had left your words, unchecked.”



Update 1.1

Heya people! 🙂
Just wanted to quickly update you all on the addition of a new category called POETRY, being added to ToW.
Poetry is still very new to me and I haven’t written maybe more than 10 poems in total.

But that doesn’t stop me from trying 😉

So the very 1st post in this category titled “DIVISION OF THEM; BROWN AND BLUE” (click on the link to read it: was my first try writing free verse poetry and it was insanely fun. 😀

Anyways I hope you look forward to reading new poems in the future just as much as I do writing them!

Take care,