Update 1.7: Look at the Sidebar

Hello tinkerers,
Just wanted to quickly let you all know that I’ve decided to have this little text on the sidebar now, where I’ll share random, awesome quotes by random, awesome people! 🙂

This is due to the after affects of watching Cloud Atlas last night! Because THAT movie had so many moments of “woah-that-is-suchhay-epic-dialogue”, made me totally go like: 😮
So I thought, why not share them on ToW!

I’ll update it perhaps thrice a month or so..basically whenever I find something that just HAS to be shared with you peeps. ^^’

Oh and you guys too can share any cool quotes, via a comment or message or even email, that you’d like the world to see (or you like you know, the few people who read this blog of mine.. 😛 ). Will be most appreciated, thanks in advance!

– Toto