Alevel Results: Ready. Set. Go.

Fellaaaas. How‚Äôs everyone doing? I hope ya’ll are as awesome as always?¬†?
I’ve been (as usual) meaning to write something a lil’ chill, one of those chitchat session kinda thing..especially after all the recent poetry posts. Anyway, let’s start of with addressing just how monumental this week actually is. For anyone who’s unaware, I’m 18 years old which not only means I get to scream into the abyss for a driver’s license (and wait another 18 years before I get one ?) BUT I CAN ALSO, officially, say I’m done with school.

As nice as that sounds, problem is, to be proper done gotta have to get through the whole getting your exam results to make it official bit ya know? And oh boy oh boy, does that sound perpetually unnerving.

tear-induce-inator 9000.

What I’m trying to (interestingly) convey is that my A level (which fyi are the nasty high school exams by the Brits ?) results are set to be released on the 11th of August, 2016 aka Thursday aka tomorrow aka biggest moment of truth in all of space and time no kidding. Hence, I’m not even sure how to process it all. I like to think I’m a chill person. I panic, yes, of course, a lot. But I sort of get over it soon enough? Call it easily distractible or whatever. I manage to find the humour in dire situations, enough to stick with a it-is-not-the-end-of-the-world attitude and for that, surely, I’m grateful.

{side note: maybe people who don’t..perhaps they work harder so as to prevent any dire situations at all? I personally think it’s about how you use the panic and tension in any circumstance, how much you allow these negative feelings to influence you and how much you influence them. I mean, finding the balance between underestimating vs overestimating and then learning from the experience, right? let me know what you think okay? okay, end side note.}

I’ll be honest: I don’t have much to say. Wish I did. Maybe this post would’ve been more content-wise substantial then..but for now, sorry for the¬†disappointment. However,¬†this post can be a reminder of sorts.

To realise that results day, like any day, is basically, A DAY. Because most things, in retrospect, cease to be as scary as your good ol’ heart and brain have led you to believe, no?

Regardless of everything and anything, I hope to remember that. 

So let the storm come when it wants to,


I’m ready.

are you?


p.s. goodluck to myself and everyone else in the same boat,
we’re all in this together, fellas.

The quickest-of-updates Update.

Just a quick update, starting with¬†my dearest apologies for being such an¬†inactive blogger. I’ll keep this update short so won’t get into too many details, hence¬†it’s going to be more spontaneous and basically¬†me, talking to ya’ll after a pretty long time.

So I’ve been busy, I know OLD excuse. But this time, as you may kinda know from previous posts, I was stuck with having to face the dreaded A-level exams. In fact, I’m still not done and I was actually meant to be studying right now but pffft. whatevez.

Anyway, my point being that I’m ALMOST¬†done¬†(got 4 left, to be precise..) and THAT¬†leads me to begin day-dreaming about the time when I WILL be done. Naturally, I’m more than excited and just the thought of not having to deal with disappointing exam papers is so liberating.¬†Also, I’m contemplating regarding¬†my future endeavours and the ways in which¬†I can make this blog, better (your¬†suggestions would be help tremendously! ^^’ ) So yeah, these plans are¬†on-going and I can’t wait to see what the future holds. ūüôā I don’t want to miss out on trying new stuff in the free time that I’m given so look forward to news on that, asap. ūüėČ

That’s all for now. I know this isn’t the most exciting update but it felt right to be sharing at least something with the loveliest¬†of readers that I could ask for! Have an amazing morning/afternoon/evening/night/supper/teatime/lunch/dinner/etc ūüėõ

Take cares,

Cherishing ‚ÄĒ A Chat.

I’ve been meaning to write a straight-forward-ish post for a really long time now. As you might’ve noticed, there’s been a surge in the poetry category here at ToW. Truth is, for me, it is much easier to convey¬†things in writing, behind a shroud of vagueness that comes with poetry. I don’t even know if that’s how poetry should be? I mean it ought to make things clearer, right? ANYWAY.

But yeah. The newest thing so far is: school. 
As I’ve mentioned in my previous post(s), some time back in November 2014, I moved to a different city. And now I’ve finally¬†started school here i.e. I’m the “new kid”…it’s not that bad,¬†to be honest. ūüėõ

ANYWAY#2, I wouldn’t like to bore you with mundane school related talk so¬†let’s move on..

You know, It’s difficult not to¬†miss¬†what you’re no longer part of.¬†Being a stranger to your surroundings is no doubt, intimidating and nerve-wreaking and can be¬†really, really upsetting.¬†But hey, we all (or at least most of us..) know those hardships¬†pretty well. What we¬†don’t so much notice or appreciate is how all things familiar, were once, not.¬†Like¬†somehow:
time twists and turns and poof!
Comfort comes.

You can’t map this change on paper or even explain it as well as you can thoroughly¬†feel it.

Such an incredible phenomenon is incredibly human.

It reminds us that we are not¬†confined to¬†being a¬†single¬†puzzle’s lonesome piece. Sure, certain people elevate us in terms of feeling content or better, but the¬†lack of this elevation doesn’t¬†mean you forget that you’re still standing.

And that alone, is worth cherishing.


Update 1.4: Yes.

Okay here goes.

Extreme apologies for being so inactive, I can’t even find words enough to tell you how bad I feel about not giving enough time to ToW! I feel like I owe each and every reader of my little blog, some serious cookies to compensate for my absence..

Anyways, I am, however backed up with a very genuine excuse to vouch for my crime of inactiveness.

1 word: “school”.

Yep, you guessed it. School has yet again started. Hence, I basically have 1/4th the time I had to write and work on newer things on this nest of mine which is a complete bummer. *Sigh* If only school could be less dominating.

Yet not to worry, tinkerers! There is still more to get this sombre mood flying out the window. So I’ve had quite a few awestruck moments because of some wonderful human beings at school. Not to elongate this any further, I’ll just jump to the point: I’ve had people tell me that they know about and actually read my blog!

And yes that might seem like a tiny thing but it’s way more flattering when you have someone come up to you to acknowledge and appreciate your nest while you haven’t even the slightest expectation of them doing so much for something so little!

It is for certain, one of the best feelings ever.

So despite it being in no way enough to express how grateful I truly am, I would still like to THANK YOU ALL for supporting my writing journey! Honestly makes me feel thrice more determined to continue my little nest with even more commitment despite school or any other baddie to stop me!

*Just a special mention of a human who just won’t stop calling me “Tinkerer” every single time she sees me! Seriously fella, don’t ever stop! ūüôā *

You guys are hands-down brilliant. ūüėÄ
– Toto
P.S. Still trying to complete a few things this time, I’ll try even further to get them posted ASAP! Do keep checking this blog to know when that happens. (Won’t take long, no worries. ūüėČ )