Hold On.

Maybe bravery isn’t even bravery,
it’s these foolish thoughts meant to stray you
from the path of a “satisfying” (uneventful) life.

And suddenly you’re off your feet and
the ground seems to be shrinking.


Perhaps flying isn’t really flying,
but worries being set free.

“The sky is grander than it seems from the ground.”
It’s expanding but it’s also somehow only just around you?

Oh, how your eyes widen and the awe becomes these gusts, determined not to disappoint.

You’re spinning,
the world’s a blur
then it erupts into laughter.

“or no wait..”
maybe it’s just you starting to notice?
Self-deprived of reasons to be happy.
you’ve forgotten;

reasons aren’t reasons,
they’re excuses,

meant direly
to be,

if we encouraged compassion/joy/positivity as much as we romanticise serious mental illnesses to seem almost desirably poetic, maybe we’d be able to spread the much-needed positive vibes in our lives.


The Answer.


when you find yourself drowned
in the noise of the world


you are a wavelength

heard ringing in those ears

for those lives that haven’t learnt to live without it. 


and in all that maddening noise,

you are never empty of wavelengths

ringing in your ears.

There will always be those that soothe you, 

 for silence is not always the answer.  



P.S. just a little, random piece. I feel like it sort of connected quite quickly with the above image so yeah, definitely inspired this post! 🙂