Then how can humans?

Then how can humans?

On request by a friend I like to call Sumo. (I know, not exactly what you requested yet I seriously hope you like this half decent attempt! 🙂 )


I hope there was a “reporting system” in existence, one that statistically listed your influence to the things and people around you.

Because it is easy to fire your arrows at others without watching it land on the victim. But imagine it after you’ve shot, if you were compelled to read through the exact measurements of hurt, sorrow, betrayal or disbelieve that the victim would have felt because of you. Imagine seeing those pain inflicting wounds sink in like tombstones for the once present happiness and trust that you murdered.

For even practice targets never stay the same after being hit.

Then how can humans?


P.S. Yikes. This is quite tiny of a post by the usual standards. doesn’t let me blabber as much! :'(

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