Tuggets 0002: “COMMITMENT”

{ Incase you don’t know what TUGGETS are: here’s your guide }

I’ve been proper slouchy these days which is why posting anything, on this lovely internet nest of mine, seemed so intimidating. Creativity has been seriously trolling on me, I tell you.

Also, load shedding is real bummer.

Anyways, I finally did manage to not be a complete lost blogger, thanks to a little Tugget fulfilling its solemn duty. Written on impulse but designed with great care, “COMMITMENT” is the end result:



I’m certain these times of “what-do-I-post-now” are totally normal and expected (what do you guys do to get out of such a state? Feedback super appreciated!). Yet, I do hope I find the acceleration needed to keep this place fresh, however soon as possible. Definitely something that comes with time and enough commitment, I guess ;).


Just have to keep trying! 😀

– Toto


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