Update 1.4: Yes.

Okay here goes.

Extreme apologies for being so inactive, I can’t even find words enough to tell you how bad I feel about not giving enough time to ToW! I feel like I owe each and every reader of my little blog, some serious cookies to compensate for my absence..

Anyways, I am, however backed up with a very genuine excuse to vouch for my crime of inactiveness.

1 word: “school”.

Yep, you guessed it. School has yet again started. Hence, I basically have 1/4th the time I had to write and work on newer things on this nest of mine which is a complete bummer. *Sigh* If only school could be less dominating.

Yet not to worry, tinkerers! There is still more to get this sombre mood flying out the window. So I’ve had quite a few awestruck moments because of some wonderful human beings at school. Not to elongate this any further, I’ll just jump to the point: I’ve had people tell me that they know about and actually read my blog!

And yes that might seem like a tiny thing but it’s way more flattering when you have someone come up to you to acknowledge and appreciate your nest while you haven’t even the slightest expectation of them doing so much for something so little!

It is for certain, one of the best feelings ever.

So despite it being in no way enough to express how grateful I truly am, I would still like to THANK YOU ALL for supporting my writing journey! Honestly makes me feel thrice more determined to continue my little nest with even more commitment despite school or any other baddie to stop me!

*Just a special mention of a human who just won’t stop calling me “Tinkerer” every single time she sees me! Seriously fella, don’t ever stop! 🙂 *

You guys are hands-down brilliant. 😀
– Toto
P.S. Still trying to complete a few things unwritten..so this time, I’ll try even further to get them posted ASAP! Do keep checking this blog to know when that happens. (Won’t take long, no worries. 😉 )



  • humorworks

    September 20, 2014 at 3:06 pm Reply

    Huh.. I haven’t even told my anyone that I even read blogs. I can totally imagine their reactions. Not worth it. Lucky you.
    And homework sucks, huh?
    I’m putting off two subjects to be on the internet. YAY PROCRASTINATION!!

    • tinkererofwords

      September 21, 2014 at 3:36 pm Reply

      haha intrigued as to why you haven’t told anyone of this totally awesome hobby! 😀 Surely, quite a productive thing to do 😉
      and YES. Homework sucks. :'( Especially when school presumes that you have nothing else to do in life 🙂
      Come on, 2 subjects!
      What a beautiful thing to do, be proud! After all, even internet needs some attention in return XD
      Oh and thankyou for brightening up this place with your words 😎

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